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School Site Council (SSC)


Brook Hill's School Site Council consists of 5 Parent Members and 5 School Staff Members.  The School Site Council Team is made up of members who are voted in by our BHES Parents and/or BHES Staff.  

Our School Site Council serves many purposes, but the main function of the SSC is to review, update, modify, and approve our Single Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA).  Our school-based budget which is part of the SPSA will reflect all of the work that our SSC team does to ensure our instructional programs promote academic growth and proficiency.  

2021-22 School Site Meeting Dates/Times 

All SSC Meetings for the 2021-22 will be on ZOOM and will start at 3PM.  

If you have questions or you would like information on how to join for the PUBLIC INPUT section of the meeting, then please contact Indy Monday (